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Fortnite Battle Royale – Tips and Tricks


What exactly is Battle Royale?

Battle Royale is a hundred-player gamemode to fight each other but also, an all-consuming storm closing in that destroys anything on it’s path until only 1 player or squad is standing. Get ready to fight, set traps, build a fortress or even a castle in the best free-to-play game of this year!


Getting started.

Before you first play the fast paced Battle Royale game mode be sure to change your settings when waiting for the battlebus to take you off into the battlefield. I noticed from experience that most people don’t like the standard mouse or thumbstick sensitivity, so be sure to change that first. Some people say there is a so-called: “best sensitivity” but that is simply not true, if you’re new I suggest looking for a sensitivity that’s slow enough to still be accurate but also fast enough to let you turn around quick enough when you get shot from behind. If you’re on PC I highly recommend changing your build binds to keys that are closer to the WASD keys so you can select what you want to build faster because of course, building is the key to winning!


Practice makes perfect!

If you’re quick enough to grab a gun before you take off with the battlebus, practice your aim a little. This may not seem useful at all but every bit of practice helps! One of the oldest techniques to practicing your aim is to find something like a doorway or something similar and just shoot the left and right side over and over again going faster each time. When you miss a shot remember to stop for a second and try again since imperfect practice develops bad habits and actually makes your aim worse!


Are you ready!?

Ready? Set. Hold on!

Before you drop out of the battlebus you should know where to go to grab the best loot. Take a look at the map by pressing up on the d-pad on PS4/XBOX ONE and TAB on PC.


I recommend not going to any of the places with a name since these are high traffic areas and will often get you killed really early in the game. Instead, try to find a place that’s close to one. You’re looking for mini towers, small shacks or even a little house. Try to grab all the best loot you can find as fast as possible (I will cover everything from worst to best later on).

This is the time to open up the map and decide where to go next, because remember, there is a storm chasing you! The safe zone is indicated with a circle that closes in every 1:30 minutes, so you better think fast!


So what guns and equipment should you use?

There are several guns that have a different damage output. Common (grey), uncommon (green), rare (blue), epic (purple) and legendary (gold); rated from worst to best.

The worst guns, only used in times of need are: pistol, revolver, smg, tactical smg, scoped assault rifle.

The guns that are not bad but could be useful in many situations: burst rifle, smg (suppressed), assault rifle, semi sniper.

The best of the best guns, this is your best choice at all times: scar assault rifle, bolt sniper, pump shotgun, tactical shotgun, rocket launcher, grenade launcher.

You should also keep in mind the equipment such as: med kit, bandages, grenades, smoke grenades, shield and slurp juice. Consume your shield as soon as possible! (side note: bandages heal up to 75, slurp juice heals and generates shields over time for 25 each so you could combine them and heal up to 100 health so you might want to hold on to that slurp!)

Your ULTIMATE loadout would be: (assuming you have shield already) scar, bolt sniper, any shotgun (to your preference), any launcher (to your preference) and at least 1 med kit.


Encountering your first enemy.

Now what do you do? Start shooting right away? Depends… Is he close? Is he looking at you? Is he moving fast or is he standing still? You have to decide off of these questions to take the first shot. For example: if he’s far, moving and not looking at you: do not to take the shot! Try to position yourself better and closer for an easier shot. Is he close and he sees you? No questions asked: go for the kill! Now you’re asking: “what if he sees me first?” If he shoots at you first and you’re still alive, the easiest and also the best thing to do is build 4 walls around you with a ramp in the middle for some quick cover and height advantage!